Meet Our Team

Our Current Executive Board Members

Chairman, Chris Goebel

I am a conservative Republican. I am a lifelong resident of Walworth County. After graduating from Elkhorn High School I went on active duty in the United States Air Force for close to 22 years and returned home. I consider myself a lifelong Republican and had that belief imprinted during the Ronald Reagan presidency. I didn't get involved with the local party until the George W. Bush presidency. Sign pounding, lit drops, and staffing the fair tent was the extent of my involvement until I was approached and asked to run for County Chairman.  That was three county party elections ago and the members have re-elected me. The absolute best part of being County Chairman is talking and working with our members and volunteers. They truly are the salt of the earth. God bless each and every one of them. The second best part of my involvement is meeting and talking with people from all walks of life, whether at one of our booths, at the fair tent, during parades or knocking on doors. Listening and talking with people from both sides always provides me with interesting thoughts and ideas. They make me think. I believe in American exceptionalism, I am pro-life. I am an outdoors-man and support the 2nd Amendment to the point of a nationwide conceal and open carry policy. I support small business and employment opportunities. I stand with State's Rights and minimal intrusion by the government in my life and a balanced budget at the state and federal level. I believe in teaching a person to fish and only giving them a fish when absolutely no other option is available. I will continue to do what I can to advance the conservative non-socialist agenda.

1st Vice Chair, Joe Rezek

I have lived in Walworth County for 18 years having escaped from the Illinois burbs. All of my time has been invested in Delavan where I have watched the politics of the state ebb and flow. Most of my career has been in the HR function and through it, I have developed an appreciation for doing not just talking. I have belonged to the County Republican Party for 15 years serving in a number of positions most of which have been in the "do what has to be done." Whether its pounding stakes for election signs or walking in parades, I'm hoping these activities influence people to wake up and vote for worthwhile candidates. I have been elected to the board of canvass for three terms and I have worked the polls for the past three presidential elections including the past recount to our President Trump. I am an exerciser, member of the NRA, and 32-year participant in AA. I have knocked on doors, made telephone calls, solicited nomination signatures, and I try to promulgate a positive lifestyle in spite of serious country problems.

2nd Vice Chair, John Reiff

Bio and picture coming soon. 

Treasurer, Trudy Schulz

I am from East Troy and have been a resident of Walworth County for 50 years. I joined the RPWC in honor of my husband who is a veteran. I continue to be actively involved so that I can be better informed on how I can help get our Country back on track. I have been a member of the RPWC for 5 years and this is my first term and the second year serving on the Executive Board as the Treasurer. I accepted the Treasurer position after being nominated and elected. I contribute to my community by shopping locally and attending as many local events as I can. Every employer I worked for was in Walworth County with the exception of just one that I worked for just under a year. I retired from a local employer as well. I am a member of a local sportsman's club, the NRA, and I am also a life member of HOG. I call and write our elected officials on various topics to express my concerns or to thank them on a regular basis. I participate in campaign work such as distributing literature and yard signs. I solicit nomination papers. I also walk in the parades we enter in with the RPWC.  Now that I am better informed, I see first hand the grassroots effort of Reforms-Results-Republicans and want to share this message with others so they too can be better informed and involved in their community.

Secretary, Trisha Ide

I am from East Troy and I have been a resident of Walworth County for 30 years. I joined the RPWC to become more informed within the political field as I just earned my Associate Degree in Legal Studies from Purdue University. I am currently obtaining my Bachelor Degree in Human Services and Youth Development as I would like to become a Family Court Social Worker.  I joined the RPWC in July of 2017. I immediately began volunteering as the RPWC Social Media and Technology Chair. I was appointed to the Executive Board Secretary position in February of 2018 after our former Secretary, Kristy Secord was appointed as interim Clerk of Court of  Walworth County. I accepted the appointment with excitement and enthusiasm. I now hold two positions within the RPWC. The Secretary position and the Social Media and Technology Chair.  I contribute to my community by being a small business owner and working as an Autism Behavioral Technician for a Wisconsin based company. I  have 3 children so I try to remain actively involved with the schools as much as I can as well. I served on the PTO board in the past as the Treasurer. In addition to being a member of the RPWC, I am also a member of NALA, the Paralegal Association of Wisconsin (PAW),  Purdue University  Ambassadors and Leaders, Purdue University Law Society, Autism Speaks U, and the East Troy Chamber of Commerce. I contribute to campaigning by working as the Social Media Specialist behind the scenes for the RPWC and our Clerk of Court, Kristy Secord. I am learning more and more every day about the grassroots of politics and I am looking forward to continuing to make a difference. 

Member at Large, Seth Schmidt

I currently live and work in Delavan. I have been a resident of Walworth County for 25 years. I joined the RPWC to help bolster the conservative agenda and preserve the ideology of our State and United States Constitution. I have been a member of the RPWC for 2 years. I was nominated to fill this position and be a member of this board that I knew I could work well with. I shop and attend church locally. I am a local business owner and therefore am self-employed within the County. I am a member of the NRA, NFIB, and the Wisconsin Tax Payers Alliance. I contribute to campaigning by knocking door to door to distribute literature. I believe, as Ronald Reagan so wisely stated, "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children through the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." The main motives for membership and position are exactly that and I encourage others to involve themselves wherever and however they are called to join freedoms fight.