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2019-2021 Executive Board Members

Chris Goebel


I am a conservative Republican. I am a lifelong resident of Walworth County. After graduating from Elkhorn High School, I went on active duty in the United States Air Force for close to 22 years and returned home. I consider myself a lifelong Republican and had that belief imprinted during the Ronald Reagan presidency. I didn't get involved with the local party until the George W. Bush presidency. Sign pounding lit drops, and staffing the fair tent was the extent of my involvement until I was approached and asked to run for County Chairman. That was three county party elections ago and the members have re-elected me. The absolute best part of being County Chairman is talking and working with our members and volunteers. They truly are the salt of the earth. God bless each and every one of them. The second-best part of my involvement is meeting and talking with people from all walks of life, whether at one of our booths, at the fair tent, during parades or knocking on doors. Listening and talking with people from both sides always provide me with interesting thoughts and ideas. They make me think. I believe in American exceptionalism, I am pro-life. I am an outdoors-man and support the 2nd Amendment to the point of a nationwide conceal and open carry policy. I support small business and employment opportunities. I stand with State's Rights and minimal intrusion by the government in my life and a balanced budget at the state and federal level. I believe in teaching a person to fish and only giving them a fish when absolutely no other option is available. I will continue to do what I can to advance the conservative non-socialist agenda.

Rich Strohm

1st Vice Chair

I am a 27-year resident of Walworth county moving to Lyons Township in 1992 after growing up in nearby Burlington Wisconsin. I am employed in the pharmaceutical field and am proud to have worked for 2 companies that have made great strides in treating stroke, heart attack, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and depression. I am a passionate conservative with an interest in politics going back to my high school years which was molded by growing up in a family where my father ran a small construction company. My first involvement was in 1998 knocking on doors and distributing literature for a young upstart, running to be a first-term congressman who would win the election and go on to become Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan. After years of attending Republican fundraisers and events, I finally joined the Republican Party of Walworth County in 2017 knocking on doors, working various fair tents, writing letters to the editor and doing literature drops. I also served as County Coordinator for Leah Vukmir’s US Senate Campaign. I believe the United States is truly the land of opportunity where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed but equal outcomes are not guaranteed. I am staunchly pro-life and believe that Republican policies offer the best opportunity for individuals to raise their standard of living. I am an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing with my wife and 2 sons. As a sportsman, I am a steward of the land and water and believe we can encourage economic development while protecting our natural resources. I look forward to working to spread conservative policy through Republican office holders.

Trudy Schulz

2nd Vice Chair

Walworth County has been my residence for over 50 years which provided my employment but also the opportunity to be involved in many local activities, organizations and the opportunity to serve a previous 2-year term as your RPWC Treasurer after being nominated and elected at the 2017 Caucus and currently nominated and elected as your 2nd Vice Chair. Serving the RPWC members in honor of my husband, who is a veteran, is one of the reasons for becoming actively involved. Taking this political journey with you at meetings, events, parades, volunteer booths and so much more has given me the liberty to meet and greet many of you personally and develop wonderful friendships along the way. For this, I Thank You the Members and God Bless.

Debra Black


I have been a resident of Walworth County for the past 42 years. My husband David and I joined the RWPC about a year ago. He is retired Airforce and a current government employee, and we felt the need to be more involved in the direction our country was headed. I am a fairly new retiree who likes to stay active with volunteering, so the Treasurer position seemed like a good addition to my life. I am also Reiki Master/Teacher and do volunteer work at the Aurora Southern Lakes Cancer Center offering Reiki treatments to patients. I have also been a volunteer at the Biodynamic Association for the past 6 years helping with their conferences. My husband Dave and I have 7 children between us and 2 grandchildren. Gardening, horseback riding and biking are a few of the things I enjoy in my ‘down time’.

Cory Newmann

Member at Large

I have called Walworth County home for over 35 years. I grew up in Whitewater, and attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for my undergraduate degree in Communications-Public Relations. I recently completed my graduate degree with American Military University in Criminal Justice. I have been a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard for 17 years, and have worked in law enforcement for 14 years. I also volunteer as the Vice Chair for the Walworth County Drug and Alcohol Coalition. I believe in conservative principles- the 2nd amendment, the right to life, reduction in entitlement programs, and smaller government. I am proud to support Conservatism and serve in your County Republican Party. God Bless.

MaryAnn Zimmerman


Picture and bio coming soon.